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Kleiss MCS60-38
(3" - 8" up to 60 psi)

Kleiss MCS60-1016
(10" - 16", and 18" PE, up to 60 psi)

Kleiss MCS15-1824
(18" - 24" up to 15 psi)

Kleiss MCS60-2
(2" up to 60 psi)

Kleiss MCS15-316
(3" - 16" up to 15 psi)

Kleiss MCS7-2PVC
(2" PVC up to 7.5 psi)

Kleiss MCS120-24
(2" - 4" up to 120 psi)

Kleiss MCS60-38 System

Each flow stopping system has one tapping/completion tool and one stopping tool. The basic procedures are the same for all Kleiss MCS systems, making them user friendly and minimizing operator training. The lightweight and portable tooling makes the systems easy to handle. All critical components have a 3X safety factor.

System Specifications

  • Sized for pipe diameters ranging from 3" to 8"
  • Use with pressures up to 60 psi
  • Designed for multiple pipe materials
    (polyethylene, steel, cast iron, PVC)

Download our catalog to learn more!

  • Features and advantages
  • MDS Stopper technology
  • System components
  • Fitting options
  • Available accessories

MCS Catalog - Revolutionary Flow Stopping Systems

Kleiss MCS60-38 System Overview and Operating Instructions

Learn why the Kleiss MCS inflatable stopping system is uniquely qualified to meet the
needs of North American natural gas local distribution companies, and run through
the operating instructions for the Kleiss MCS60-38 System.
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