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Kleiss MCS60-38
(3" - 8" up to 60 psi)

Kleiss MCS60-1016
(10" - 16", and 18" PE, up to 60 psi)

Kleiss MCS15-1824
(18" - 24" up to 15 psi)

Kleiss MCS60-2
(2" up to 60 psi)

Kleiss MCS15-316
(3" - 16" up to 15 psi)

Kleiss MCS7-2PVC
(2" PVC up to 7.5 psi)

Kleiss MCS120-24
(2" - 4" up to 120 psi)


The Kleiss MCS natural gas tapping and stopping systems have been designed specially to save on weight, volume, and number of parts making it portable and user friendly. The systems provide safe operation with a gas tight seal and two pressure gauges to monitor the pressure in the stopper as well as in the pipeline without having to make additional taps. The systems and patented MDS Stopper are designed to work on multiple pipe materials - polyethylene, steel, cast iron, and PVC.

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